4ME acts as a link between different stakeholders of the Mechanical Engineering in Aachen. We create networks, for example between current students and alumni, professorships and the industry or schools and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. For this purpose, we offer contact fairs, lecture series, information brochures, exclusive fireside chats, and much more.


4ME is actively involved in the promotion of young talents in the field of mechanical engineering. On the one hand, we support the students at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in their career planning, and on the other hand, we introduce pupils to mechanical engineering as well as the fields of work of an engineer. In addition, we promote outstanding students.


4ME focuses its work on current topics of mechanical engineering and transfers information via the currently used channels. In doing so, we always consider the needs and wishes of our target groups. Since our goal is to always stay up to date, we welcome suggestions and hints on relevant topics, event formats or communication channels.


4ME is open to all interested parties and offers various ways of working with the association. As a booster club of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at RWTH Aachen, we are open to current and future developments in the field of mechanical engineering and involve them in our work. At the same time, we would like to make Aachen's mechanical engineering tangible to the interested public.